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An Observational(non-interventional), multi-center study that will prospectively enroll patients diagnosed with, and treated for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Data collection will include extraction of medical records via case report forms, self administered patient-reported outcomes questionnaires, and tissue samples(archival and newly obtained) for molecular profiling. Treatment decisions will be determined at the discretion of the treating physician(s). As the study is collecting data on real-world management of cHL, the protocol is not to influence prescribing or management practices at participating sites in any way.

Do you Qualify?

​These questions require a yes answer to qualify.​

  • Are you at least 18 years of age?

  • Has your diagnosis been confirmed, do you have access to the medical records from the date of diagnosis?

  • Have you either not started any therapy yet or are you about to start a new therapy treatment plan?

​These questions require a no answer to qualify.​

  • Is the date of your diagnosis of cHL unknown?

  • Are you currently enrolled in a clinical study that does not allow non-interventional studies?

  • Are you receiving supportive, hospice or end of life care and not receiving, or plan to receive, any anti-cancer therapies?

If you think you may be eligible for this trial, please give us a call to schedule an appointment or click button below to email a request.

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